Aqua Wet Waterproof Laminate Floor ET810 | 8mm

High-quality waterproof floor, Suitable for home and business. 8mm waterproof floor is very good Anti-scratch, fireproof and waterproof take care of your family

Natural color smooth texture, embellish home life

  • Pet Friendly
    Anti-Scratched to avoid Pet’s scratch on the floor.
  • High-Heeled Shoes Friendly
    Hard enough to avoid hole in the surface when walking on the floor.
  • 30 Year Warranty
    It comes with a 30-year warranty.
  • Nutural Wood Feeling
    More natural like real wood, foot feeling is better than pvc floor.
  • PVC Free Board
    It is produced without any pvc materials in an organic and environmentally friendly way using wood from  sustainably managed forests.
  • More Affordable
    1usd/sqm cheaper than 8mm vinyl floor, loading 700-1200SQM more than 8mm vinyl floor.
  • Painted-Groove
    It has better grooves, and the snap-in is tight to avoid water get into the core.
  • Anti-Static
    Its friction is not easy to generate static electricity, and it can be used comfortably in autumn and winter.
  • Anti-Bacterical
    Comfort Its antibacterial surface is combined with daily cleaning gives you peace of mind.
  • Light-Resistant
    It is not afraid of direct sunlight and it will not get faded easily under sunshine

Finished Productcs Density (kg//m³) 950±5%
Thickness 8.0mm
Width 198mm
Length 1220mm
One Box 8pcs
Size Area 1.93248㎡
Surface Oil Mate/Tile/Small Embossed
Eco-Friendly Carb2+Carbon Fiber+Wood Fiber
Abrasion AC4

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